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Waterproof Martingale Dog Collar

Waterproof Martingale Dog Collar

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Don’t sacrifice style for utility. That’s why we made our NEW waterproof line of leashes and collars. Enjoy walks with your pup, rain or shine!

Martingale collars are suitable for training and skittish (scared/ anxious) dogs to ensure they cannot back-out/ escape the collar as long as the connected leash has tension.

MATERIAL: Water resistant, comfortable, matte material is made by dipping a durable nylon webbing in a soft and flexible PVC coating. 
HARDWARE: Durable silver metal hardware with stitching and painted, bonded, double rivets in between the D ring. 
CARE: Easily clean your leash and collars with dish soap and wipe dry.
FIT: When there's no leash pull/tension, martingale collars should sit comfortably around the neck allowing a hand underneath. When there's full pull/tension on the chain, the D rings should almost be touching to allow equal weight distribution around your dogs neck. When this happens, you should be able to fit two fingers underneath. 
MEASUREMENT: Measure your dogs neck and add approximately 1" inch then choose a size that fits best based on the following measurement ranges:


  • Smallest adjustment without chain pull/tension 12.5" and 9" with chain pull/tension
  • Largest adjustment without chain pull/tension 18.5" and 15" with chain pull/tension
  • Width: 0.5"


  • Smallest adjustment without chain pull/tension 15.5" and 12" with chain pull/tension
  • Largest adjustment without chain pull/tension 23" and 19" with chain pull/tension
  • Width: 0.75"


  • Smallest adjustment without chain pull/tension 19" and 15" with chain pull/tension
  • Largest adjustment without chain pull/tension 28" and 24" with chain pull/tension
  • Width: 1"


        Example: If your dog measures 18" + 1 inch= 19". We suggest you buy a size medium.

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